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Despite the fact that it covers 70 percent of the Earth's surface, water is in a state of scarcity throughout much of the world. Trying to find new, sustainable ways to provide water to the masses is something municipalities work towards every day. And in places like California, it is a task Water Managers are more than familiar with, as the state faces one of the most severe droughts on record. RMC Water and Environment custom tailors innovative approaches for our clients to provide long-term sustainable water supply solutions to their customers.


RMC’s leaders take an active role in day-to-day project work, allowing us to respond to clients’ needs with the personal attention of experienced staff.

Randy Raines portrait

Randy Raines

Founder/Sr. Project Manager

Randy's Bio

Lyndel Melton portrait

Lyndel Melton

Founder/Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Lyndel's Bio

Alyson Watson portrait

Alyson Watson

President/Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Alyson's Bio

Andy Baldwin portrait

Andy Baldwin

Sr. Environmental Engineer

Andy's Bio

Rich Bichette portrait

Richard Bichette

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Rich's Bio

Jim Blanke portrait

Jim Blanke

Sr. Hydrogeologist

Jim's Bio

Steve Clary portrait

Steve Clary

Sr. Civil/Environmental Engineer

Steve's Bio

Robin Cort portrait

Robin Cort, Ph.D.

Sr. Environmental Planner

Robin's Bio

Brian Dietrick portrait

Brian Dietrick

Sr. Environmental Engineer

Brian's Bio

Leslie Dumas portrait

Leslie Dumas

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Leslie's Bio

Jennifer Glynn portrait

Jennifer Glynn

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

Jen's Bio

Scott Goldman portrait

Scott Goldman

Sr. Environmental Engineer

Scott's Bio

Cathy Greenman portrait

Cathy Greenman

Sr. Civil Engineer

Cathy's Bio

Glenn Hermanson portrait

Glenn Hermanson

Sr. Civl/Environmental Engineer

Glenn's Bio

Gisa Ju portrait

Gisa Ju

Sr. Civl/Environmental Engineer

Gisa's Bio

Christine Keltner portrait

Christine Keltner, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Christine's Bio

Christy Kennedy portrait

Christy Kennedy

Sr. Water Resources Engineer and Hydrogeologist

Christy's Bio

Jeanna Long Portrait

Jeanna Long

Information Management Consultant

Jeanna's Bio

Enrique Lopezcalva portrait

Enrique Lopezcalva

Water Resources Practice Leader

Enrique's Bio

Mike Matson portrait

Mike Matson

Sr. Civil Engineer

Mike's Bio

Rob Morrow portrait

Rob Morrow

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Rob's Bio

Saquib Najmus portrait

Saquib Najmus

Senior Vice President

Saquib's Bio

Marc Nakamoto portrait

Marc Nakamoto

Sr. Civil/Environmental Engineer

Marc's Bio

Andy Neal portrait

Andrew Neal

Sr. Project Controls Manager

Andy's Bio

Rosalyn Prickett portrait

Rosalyn Prickett

Sr. Water Resources Planner

Rosalyn's Bio

Dave Richardson portrait

Dave Richardson

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Dave's Bio

Tom Richardson portrait

Tom Richardson

Sr. Civil/Environmental Engineer

Tom's Bio

Persephene St. Charles portrait

Persephene St. Charles

Sr. Water Resources Planner

Persephene's Bio

Ali Taghavi portrait

Ali Taghavi

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Ali's Bio

Mark Takemoto portrait

Mark Takemoto

Sr. Wastewater Engineer

Mark's Bio

Tony Valdivia portrait

Tony Valdivia

Sr. Civil Engineer

Tony's Bio

Ricardo Vivas portrait

Ricardo Vivas

Sr. Civil/Environmental Engineer

Ricardo's Bio

Why We're Different


RMC Northern California staff at Muckfest

Work as One Company

RMC’s streamlined structure promotes interaction among staff at all levels and makes it easy for local offices to work together collaboratively. We support camaraderie by getting the entire company together yearly and by holding local “fun days” where colleagues can get to know each other beyond the walls of the office.

RMC Walnut Creek staff removing invasive species from Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Deliver Innovative Solutions

RMC is committed to innovation and we have earned a reputation for providing unconventional, big-picture solutions.

RMC Irvine staff working at the food pantry

Green Business Practices

Through the very nature of our work RMC promotes environmental stewardship, and we carry our concern for the environment through to the way we function every day. We regularly participate in creek and beach clean-up events, and all of our offices incorporate green business practices into their operations.

Sacramento staff planting trees

Support Our Communities

Supporting the communities where we work is important to RMC. Each of our offices has an active outreach program that gives employees the opportunity to contribute to our local neighborhoods and communities.



RMC's structure allows for our offices to work collaboratively with each other so the most qualified experts can be selected from any location to serve our clients. To easily find us on the go, click on the "more info" buttons to obtain mobile-friendly phone numbers, maps, and directions.

For media inquires please click here.

Irvine business district from Newport


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Downtown Los Angeles skyline

Los Angeles

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Capitol building in Sacramento


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San Diego coastline

San Diego

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San Francisco

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Downtown San Jose

San Jose

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Walnut Creek with view of Mt. Diablo

Walnut Creek

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RMC's Janet Fordunski, P.E. has been elected secretary of the Inland Empire Chapter of the WateReuse Association. In this leadership role, Janet will support the chapter’s focus on water recycling to supplement and diversify the Inland Empire region’s water supplies.

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RMC's Christy Nelson of the Walnut Creek office recently passed the California Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, and may now register for the P.E. credential to sign and stamp engineering projects. Congratulations, Christy!

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RMC's Frank Qian of the Sacramento office recently passed the California Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, and may now register for the P.E. credential to sign and stamp engineering projects. Congratulations, Frank!



RMC staff photo from year four

In 1998, RMC’s co‐founders walked away from mega‐sized engineering companies to build a new kind of consulting engineering firm. Hands‐on professionals, they built RMC with a flat organizational structure to support company principals in actively serving clients and developing the best possible solutions to complex water‐related issues. Originally named after its founders, our name was changed to RMC Water and Environment in 2005 to better reflect the company’s focus. Since then, RMC has merged with several specialized companies, steadily expanding our expertise in water quality studies and NPDES permitting, hydrologic modeling, integrated resource management, and computer information systems.



RMC Water and Environment wants your professional experience with us to be rewarding and challenging. The environment is relaxed yet professional, where each employee comes to work knowing they are a key piece of RMC’s success. We know that our people set us apart, so we continually invest in their development and empower them to make decisions for the benefit of our clients and our company. We provide competitive compensation and benefits, attractive office locations, opportunities for career growth, and rewards for longevity.

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